Genie S-65

Genie S-65 telescopic boom lifts are safer and more productive than scaffolding and perfect for reaching challenging work areas. With a Genie S-65, drive right off the trailer and maneuver into place with precision accuracy using a powerful engine, enhanced traction control and a variable two-speed setting. At Chicago Industrial, you’ll find a large inventory of used Genie S-65 lifts, fully reconditioned and ready for use on your job site.


Genie S-65 Boom Lifts for Sale

Genie is known around the world for manufacturing quality equipment built to last. A Genie S-65 telescopic boom lift helps you accomplish more, reducing the time and labor for transferring tools and materials between floors. Plus, it’s excellent for placing workers into high spaces. These machines are made for your convenience and perfect for outdoor use, creating mobile aerial work platforms high above the ground with 360-degree rotation and a stable operating base.

Genie S-65 Boom Lift Features

With a Genie S-65, a single operator can maneuver the telescopic lift into place across rough terrain, extend the boom and adjust the basket all from a single control panel. Personnel on the ground can operate the boom and basket using secondary controls on the chassis to aid workers already in the air. These lifts have a minimal tail swing for safe and simple use in tight working areas, fine boom operation control and audible tilt alarm for safety that alerts to unsafe angles.

Genie S-65 telescopic boom lifts offer many advantages, including:

  • Better capability: Positive traction drive and active oscillating axles for even power on rough terrain.
  • Heavier capacity: 1,000 pounds of unrestricted lifting capacity and 500 pounds for restricted movement.
  • Greater reach: 56 ft 2 in horizontal reach and a maximum platform height reaching 65 ft.
  • Easier transport: 8 ft 2 in wide and 30 ft 11 in long for easy transport in most trailers.

For use in congested work areas, boom lifts offer substantial benefits over scaffolding and other hydraulic lifts. The Genie S-65 can transport several workers and tools or a single worker with significant construction materials to adjustable distances and heights, with a reliable operating platform on soft and uneven terrain.

Find a Used Genie Telescopic Boom Lift at Chicago Industrial

Chicago Industrial is the largest aerial lift dealer in the Midwest. We are a leading supplier of the best used and refurbished Genie S-65 telescopic boom lifts throughout the Chicago area and across the globe. All of our used equipment undergoes rigorous quality testing before it hits our showroom, ensuring our used lifts meet our demanding performance standards — and yours.

Visit our 50,000 square foot showroom in Rockdale, IL or place an order for affordable shipment virtually anywhere in the world. If you need help with financing, we work directly with a lender to help businesses like yours get the equipment they need with a low initial investment. Stop renting for each job and start saving with a vast assortment of used equipment from top brands at competitive prices. For a free, no-obligation quote on a quality used boom lift, send us a message today.