Used Hyster S155FT Forklifts for Sale

If you work with heavy materials and objects, you need a sturdy, durable piece of equipment that can lift and carry those materials. With a used Hyster S155FT forklift from Chicago Industrial, you can reduce the burden on your workers while increasing efficiency on the job. A Hyster S155FT forklift is an industry-grade truck that can be used for all your lifting and transportation needs across short distances. These are tough, dependable machines that will help you make the most of your equipment budget.


Hyster S155FT Forklift Features

Our cushion tire Hyster S155FT products are reinforced with high-end technology for operator convenience. These forklifts offer powerful hydraulic controls, low noise levels and engine cooling capabilities — combined, these features create the ultimate user experience for businesses looking to maximize safety and productivity. Other features and benefits that come with each used Hyster S155FT include:

  • Overhead Guard for strength and durability
  • Easy-to-use hydraulic mechanisms
  • VISTA® Mast for maximum rigidity
  • Computer automated management
  • Adjustable steer column
  • Drivetrain mounts
  • EZXchange™ Bracket
  • A protective engine cover
  • Removable steel floor plate
  • Hydrostatic steer axle and durable drive axle
  • Overheat resistance


The floors, seats, hoods and steering columns of our used cushion tire forklifts are all designed to prioritize comfort and convenience. This allows your workers to get the job done fast without feeling cramped or at risk during the ride. Our used Hyster S155FT for sale also offers convenient, energy-efficient braking with oil-cooled wet disc brakes and back up lights, which can increase the longevity of your system’s brakes.

Armed with exceptional control, customization features and high-functioning hydraulics, the Hyster S155FT will help you make the most of your system’s service life.

Hyster S155FT Specifications

If you need a stronger lift solution for daily industrial applications, a used Hyster S155FT from Chicago Industrial could be the right product for you. Check out its specifications to find out if this piece of equipment will meet your needs:

  • Load Capacity: 15,500 pounds (7,000 kilograms)
  • Lift Height: 133 inches (3400 millimeters)
  • Maximum Speed: 12.5 mph (20.1 km/hr)
  • Length: 115.3 inches (2930 millimeters)
  • Width: 56.6 inches (1438 millimeters)
  • Step Height: 20.9 inches (531 millimeters)


Thanks to its excellent lift capacity, size and durability, the Hyster S155FT is well-suited for major lifting and transporting applications. Workers may need to move all types of heavy materials for large construction projects or installation jobs. With a piece of equipment that can lift loads of over 15,000 pounds at one time, you’ll be able to handle almost any heavy object with relative ease.

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At Chicago Industrial, we have used Hyster S155FTs for sale at affordable prices. We reinforce and test all our products for quality, so you can rest assured that the used Hyster product you buy will have incredible functional longevity.

If you need extra funds to buy the equipment you need, we offer financing options that can help. Our nationwide shipping options are fast and cost-effective, so contact us today for more information about Chicago Industrial products.