New & Used Royal Equipment for Sale in the Chicago Area & Beyond

New and Used Royal Equipment for Sale

For over 40 years, Royal Tractor Company, Inc. has been building mobile equipment for industrial materials handling. Here at Chicago Industrial, we’re proud to carry new and used models of Royal equipment to offer you more choice for your material handling needs.

We provide friendly, professional service before, during and after purchase and are always available for any service-related questions or concerns. Our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied and comfortable with your choice in Royal equipment.



Advantages of New Equipment

When you select a new Royal lift from our catalog, you get to choose the exact model that suits. That’s especially important if there are specific features and options you require. Browse through our selection of Royal loaders and compare the different models. You’re sure to find one with the right mix of performance, flexibility and efficiency to add to your fleet and allow you to tackle any material handling job.

We’ll work with you to analyze your elevated work needs and help you select the right type and model of Royal lift for purchase.


Advantages of Used Equipment

In certain cases, purchasing new doesn’t make sense for your business. If you don’t have the money available to dedicate to a new loader, or can’t justify the price of new equipment because you don’t use a loader every day and won’t get a quick enough return on your investment, consider a used Royal loader.

You still get the legendary durability and performance, but you’ll save a lot of money. The tradeoff is not having all of the newest features and options available, but if you want a stout workhorse that you can depend on, check out our inventory of used Royal loaders today.


Advantages of Royal Models

Royal is known for a variety of materials handling equipment, including their well-known loaders. Designed for power, durability and efficiency, a Royal loader will quickly prove itself on your work site, thanks to many great features, such as:

  • Rugged track or wheel design: Even the most powerful loader won’t give you an advantage on your work site if you can’t count on the track or wheel design and durability to keep up with the pace.


  • Reliable hydraulics: The performance and power of your loader comes down to the design and quality of the hydraulics system. Royal only uses top-quality hydraulic lines and components for their loaders.


  • Convenient, well-placed controls: Royal puts a lot of thought into the positioning and precision of their loader controls so you’ll spend less time fiddling and more time focused on the task at hand.


It doesn’t matter which size or model of Royal loader you choose. You’re getting a smart and sturdy machine that had been designed and manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding of industrial and construction customers.


Financing Your Royal Purchase

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have the cash on hand for the purchase of your new or used Royal loader. Through our partnership with Direct Capital, we can offer you fast and affordable solutions with special financing rates. In just a few clicks, you can apply for financing using our secure online system and get a free quotation.

Once your financing is approved, it’s easy to place your order and plan delivery of your Royal equipment. We work hard to offer a wide selection of industrial equipment, so don’t let a lack of financing options stop you from adding the equipment you need to your fleet.


We Ship Everywhere

The popularity of our inventory of new and used Royal loaders and equipment means we have customers from all over the US interested in buying from us. While many of our customers are located around our headquarters in Chicago, IL, we’ve shipped loaders and other equipment to every corner of the US, Canada and even overseas.

Thanks to our experience and contacts in the business. We can find an affordable and timely solution for shipping your Royal loader anywhere around the world.


Check Out Our Inventory of Royal Equipment

Have you already decided if you’d prefer to buy a new or used Royal loader? Take a look at our online inventory of new and used equipment and compare the various features. We display all the useful information required to help you choose. If you have any additional questions or want a free quotation, you can fill in our online form or give one of our sales representatives a call at 815-744-8811.

At Chicago Industrial, materials handling is our passion — so let us be your partner for the purchase of a new or used Royal loader today!