Used Genie S-60 and Genie S-60X Lifts for Sale

Heavy-duty industrial applications require heavy-duty equipment. At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we deliver affordable construction and maintenance solutions to organizations in the Midwest and throughout the United States.

One of our popular brands is Genie, which is known for manufacturing a wide selection of aerial work platforms for construction workers who need reliable lift technology. If you’re looking for a cost-effective equipment upgrade, we carry used Genie S-60 and S-60X models. These products will offer the strength and durability you need to complete demanding projects at a faster rate.


Genie: A Trusted Brand for Telescopic Boom Lifts

Genie is a trusted source of aerial work platforms, boom lifts and other types of equipment in the global construction and maintenance industries. Used Genie telescopic boom lifts deliver high quality and performance every time — especially if they’ve been serviced and tested by a reliable third party like Chicago Industrial!

Because Genie S-60 boom lifts are so sturdy and higher in capacity than the average lift, they make larger tasks much more convenient. This can keep your processes moving when less efficient equipment might take more time, money and energy to operate.

Genie S-60 Standard vs. Genie S-60X Lifts

The Genie S-60 and Genie S-60X are similar products designed by Genie to provide strength, stability and flexibility in the workplace. Complete with self-leveling platforms, hydraulic rotation, ground control panels and more, these pieces of equipment offer convenience and manageability. Some of the specifications shared by these two products include:

  • Horizontal Reach: 50 feet, 10 inches (15.48 meters)
  • Below Ground Reach: 5 feet, 7 inches (1.70 meters)
  • Width: 8 feet, 2 inches  (2.49 meters)
  • Length: 27 feet, 9 inches (8.46 meters)

Both products also have foam-filled tires and axle oscillation options to provide them with versatility in a variety of settings. The S-60 also has a slightly greater maximum platform height at 60 feet (18.30 meters), while the S-60X is 58 feet, 4 inches (17.79 meters).

What separates a used Genie S-60X and an S-60 the most, however, is that the S-60 has a lift capacity of 500 pounds (227 kilograms). Meanwhile, the S-60X has a capacity of 750 pounds (340 kilograms). As a result, the Genie S-60X is best suited for heavier applications.

Benefits of Purchasing a Genie S-60 or S-60X Lift

When you buy a Genie S-60 or Genie S-60X for sale from Chicago Industrial, you’ll receive the benefits of a new product for a more affordable price. Purchasing either of these pieces of equipment will provide you with impressive lift capacity, terrain flexibility and easy rotation capabilities.

These benefits will make your job and the jobs of your workers easier, all while cutting back on downtime expenses. Our used Genie S-60X and S-60 products for sale will allow you to do more so you can provide more for your clients.

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