New & Used Sellick Equipment for Sale in the Chicago Area & Beyond

New and Used Sellick Equipment for Sale

In the past few decades, industrial material handling and storage has gone from being an inconvenient afterthought to an important part of your workflow and value chain. Storing material and having it available for fast and safe picking means you waste lest time in the warehouse and more time adding value for your customers.

A key component to fast and efficient storage of materials and working above the ground is equipping your business with the best forklift or telehandler on the market. At Chicago Industrial, we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right equipment. That’s why we’re proud to offer a large inventory of new and used Sellick forklifts, mast forklifts and telehandlers designed to meet the needs of modern industrial demands.



Advantages of New Equipment

Are you looking to add a forklift or telehandler to your industrial equipment fleet and want to best choice in features and options? Check out our lineup of new Sellick forklifts, mast forklifts and telehandlers. Sellick is a leader in the market and combines performance, safety and efficiency in all of their equipment designs.

If your daily workload includes significant amounts of materials storage and picking or working at elevated heights, investing in a new forklift or telehandler can help you work smarter and save time. Don’t slow yourself down by putting up with your old, tired, inadequate materials handling equipment. Opt instead for the latest and greatest Sellick has to offer.


Advantages of Used Equipment

A used forklift or telehandler allows you to take care of all your materials movement and storage problems safely and efficiently, while still saving money for other important business investments. We update our used listings often, so bookmark this page and check back frequently. We’ll notify you when the Sellick forklift, mast forklift or telehandler that matches your criteria becomes available.

Get the most bang for your investment buck with a serviced and inspected Sellick industrial machine from Chicago Industrial.


Sellick Equipment for Every Job

Modern warehousing maximizes storage efficiency by taking advantage of all of the height available under your roof. But without the right equipment — like a mast forklift or telehandler — it can be difficult to safely and quickly store and pick materials at the top of your racks.

Instead of slowing your work down to match your equipment’s speed and performance, invest in the equipment that will allow you to keep up the pace and work more efficiently and profitably. We offer a range of Sellick:

  • Forklifts: Sellick forklifts are known to be durable and offer reliable service, day in and day out. Get the performance and agility you need with the safe, ergonomic design that’s a hallmark of Sellick forklifts.


  • Mast forklifts: If you need extra height for large-scale warehousing storage and picking, a mast forklift is the right option. Sellick mast forklifts are designed for optimal visibility thanks to intelligent mast design.


  • Telehandlers: For elevated work flexibility and reach, a telehandler is the most convenient form of lift. It allows you to go above and over all sorts of obstacles and provides a safe and sturdy work platform.


Financing Your Sellick Purchase

Don’t let a cash shortage stop you from purchasing the equipment you need to work safely and effectively and keep growing your business. We’ve teamed up with Direct Capital to offer you special financing rates right here through our site. Simply apply online through our secure system and get a free quotation for the purchase of your new or used Sellick industrial equipment.

It only takes a few clicks to get a fast financing quotation that stretches your investment dollars.


We Ship Everywhere

Chicago Industrial is proud to be based in Chicago, IL, and to serve the needs of our local customers. The popularity of our new and used Sellick equipment means we have interest from customers all over the US and in other parts of the world, as well.

We have experience selling to customers around the globe and can find fast, affordable shipping to get your Sellick forklift, mast forklift or telehandler shipped where you need it. Come find out why most of our customers are repeat customers.


Check Out Our Inventory of Sellick Equipment

Have you already determined which type of material handling equipment you need, or do you still need more information? You can start by checking out our online inventory, which includes a variety of Sellick forklifts and telehandlers. You can also fill in our handy online form to obtain a free quotation. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call our sales representatives at 815-744-8811.

Find out how our entire team at Chicago Industrial can meet your industrial equipment needs with our top-quality, high-performance new and used forklifts, mast forklifts and telehandlers from Sellick.