New & Used Terex Arial Work Platforms & Telehandlers for Sale in the Chicago Area and Beyond

New & Used Terex Equipment for Sale

Our customers looking for quality aerial and forklift products trust our team at Chicago Industrial Equipment to offer the best choice in reliable and flexible equipment.

Terex, a leader in work platforms and telehandlers, offers an excellent combination of features, performance and value that’s hard to beat. For all types of aerial picking, storing or installation, Terex has the equipment you need. They also have a competitive lineup of compact construction equipment that’s designed for agility and ease-of-use.


Advantages of New Equipment

We carry a wide range of new Terex models designed to simplify your work and add efficiency to your material handling. All new Terex models include the latest in safety features and ergonomics to make them easy to add to your fleet. Plus, their quality construction ensures reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

You can choose from our large catalog of Terex aerial work platforms, telehandlers and compact construction equipment to find the model that suits your needs. Your new Terex equipment arrives ready-to-work and is a smart use of your investment dollars.

When you purchase new, you also have the full availability of the latest and greatest options and features Terex has to offer. An advanced manufacturer with decades of experience, Terex is constantly upgrading their material handling and construction equipment to meet the demands of their customers.


Advantages of Used Equipment

If a new piece of Terex equipment isn’t in the budget, don’t fret. We also have an inventory of used Terex aerial work platforms, telehandlers and compact construction equipment that offers a great combination of performance and value.

Used Terex equipment can save you money while still offering dependable service and the performance you need. All of our used equipment has been inspected and serviced by our technicians and is guaranteed ready to go.

Buying used is an especially good idea if you need a piece of equipment on an infrequent basis, don’t want to tie up a lot of cash and are happy with an older model that may not have the most current features, but still offers proven reliability and performance. You save big money and give up nothing in performance and capability when you buy quality used Terex equipment from Chicago Industrial.


Terex Equipment for Every Job

Terex may be best-known for their aerial work equipment, but they also produce a variety of construction equipment designed for agility and performance. Their most popular equipment lines include:

  • Aerial work platforms: Give your crews and employees a safe and stable work platform for all of their elevated tasks. Ideal for loading and unloading warehouse racks and accessing elevated zones for various tasks, Terex aerial work platforms combine stability, space and smooth, intuitive controls for maximum safety and efficiency.


  • Telehandlers: The key to the right telehandler is having precise control and confidence in the way it moves, both across the ground and in the air. Terex has perfected their electrics and hydraulics for smooth motion and accurate movement, meaning you can place your telehandler exactly where you need it and guarantee safe carriage movement even at full extension.


Financing Your Terex Purchase

To make your purchase easier, and get you the Terex equipment you need to grow your business, we offer special financing rates on our new and used equipment. You simply select the equipment you want and apply for financing through our secure online system.

Our financing partner, Direct Capital, will give you a quick response so you don’t waste time waiting. At Chicago Industrial, we do what we can to simplify your business and get your material handling and construction equipment in your hands so you can put it to work.


We Ship Everywhere

We may be based in Chicago, IL, but we have experience shipping large equipment — like our new and used Terex aerial work platforms, telehandlers and compact construction equipment — all over the US and the rest of the world. Contact our sales representatives and tell us where you’re located. We can propose the best way to ship from our location to yours safely and affordably.

This allows all of our customers to benefit from our great selection of Terex equipment, no matter where in the world they are.


Check Out Our Inventory of Terex Equipment

All that’s left to do is find your equipment! Check out our online inventory of new and used Terex aerial work platforms, telehandlers and compact construction equipment. In just a few clicks, you can identify the equipment that meets your needs and then contact us for more information at 815-744-8811 or request a customized quote with our online form. We look forward to becoming your supplier for new and used Terex equipment and giving your business the lift it deserves.