Used Omega Lift Equipment

Used Omega Lifts

You never know when your company might need lift equipment you don’t own to complete work at your facility or site. When a need arises, don’t immediately spend a large portion of your funds on a brand-new model. Instead, choose Chicago Industrial Equipment to provide high-performing used Omega lift equipment at an affordable price. We’re focused on providing our customers all over the world with the safest possible equipment at the best prices. Partner with us to watch your collection grow and your productivity skyrocket.

When you shop with Chicago Industrial, you’ll see just how much time, effort and money we’ve invested in making our facilities, manpower and inventory as top-notch as they can be. We’re not brokers who don’t touch the equipment we have for sale, and we’re not a rental company selling products for secondary income. We specialize on reconditioning and selling used forklifts, telescopic material handlers and other aerial platforms.


We maintain one single lot in Rockdale, Illinois to better ensure the quality of every piece of machinery we send your way. Each item in our inventory undergoes a thorough inspection and servicing before leaving our shop. In addition, all equipment must pass a rigorous machine inspection every year. By choosing a used Omega lift for sale from us, you’ll be making a safer decision than you would be with ladders and scaffolding. You’re also likely to become a repeat customer like most of our client base after seeing the benefits of Chicago Industrial.

Shinn Fu Co. of America Inc. (SFA), which maintains the Omega Lift Equipment® division among several others, has been a leading distributor of hydraulic lift equipment — especially in Canada and the U.S. — for the last 40 years. It distributes products throughout North, Central and South America, and it maintains a widely recognized reputation for quality. In 2008, it even obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification. When you choose an Omega product, you can rest assured it’s backed by a quality manufacturer you can trust.


Used Omega Lift Forklifts

You know going with Omega lift equipment is the right decision, but why buy used over new? You’ll gain several unique advantages by choosing to purchase used machinery from Chicago Industrial Equipment instead of new from another company. Consider the following benefits:

  • Better prices: It’s no secret that buying used saves you money. You can get industry-leading used Omega forklifts and other equipment without making nearly the same dent in your finances that you would purchasing new. Get the exact equipment you need at lower prices without sacrificing any productivity.
  • Collection expansion: The low prices mean more than extra money in the bank. If you have two pieces of equipment in mind that your company could use, you can get them both used instead of choosing between them. You’ll be able to expand your collection of equipment much faster than you could with brand-new machinery that loses value the second you start using it. If you need a specific product you can’t find in our inventory, contact us so we can let you know when we get it.
  • Faster access: If you see something in our inventory, there’s a 100 percent chance it’s available for purchase and immediate shipment. We don’t show any items we don’t have, which means you’ll never find yourself waiting around for a purchase on backorder. No matter what you order, we’ll work rapidly to get it to you, and it’ll come straight from our single lot. What’s more, it’ll be fully inspected and work-ready the moment it arrives. Get to work right away without waiting for product building.


Financing and Shipping

If you need lift equipment that you don’t already have at your workplace, it’s not always guaranteed you’ll have the funds for it in your budget at the right moment. Not having the money, however, doesn’t mean you can forego the work and lose out on profits and productivity until you gain access to the right machines. That’s why we’ve partnered with Direct Capital to bring you competitive financing options, including the following:

  • Simple services: Applying for financing doesn’t take long, and it’s a completely user-friendly process. If you want to add or upgrade your equipment later, it takes no more than a simple one-page document.
  • Rapid turnaround: Once you submit your application, you can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours.
  • Immediate access: Without providing financials to us, you’re assured instant financing up to $100,000.
  • Deferred and seasonal payments: We’re as concerned as you are about matching your cash-flow cycle, which is why these programs allow deferred and seasonal payments.
  • Lengthy terms for financing: The terms range from 12-60 months, so you know you won’t have to come up with a huge sum of money upfront.
  • High flexibility: We’re interested in working with you to build a program that works with your specific budget and timeline needs.

In addition to quality financing programs, we also offer market-leading shipping speeds and rates. We maintain our convenient location so we can rapidly deliver your order straight to you every time, cutting your downtime and improving your profit margin.


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If you’re looking for a used Omega lift dealer, look no further than Chicago Industrial Equipment. We stock only the best equipment from several top-name brands, so whether you need to find a used Omega lift for sale or something else, you’re sure to find it when you shop with us. Shop our inventory now to find the right used equipment with the highest performance capacity at the most affordable rates.