Used Polaris Equipment

Used Polaris Equipment for Sale

You have important work to do and you need safe equipment — functioning quickly and effectively — to get it done. You might find yourself in need of an addition to your machinery collection but you don’t always have to pay top dollar to make it happen.


At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we sell used telescopic material handlers, forklifts and aerial work platforms that have been reconditioned and thoroughly inspected to meet high safety and productivity standards. We place our focus on providing an extensive inventory filled with used products from trusted brands.

There are a number of reasons why buying used could be the right choice for your business and the decision doesn’t have to come with any sacrifices. Because every piece of equipment on our lot goes through a meticulous yearly machine inspection, you won’t ever find yourself ordering an unsafe or unusable product.

We service the equipment regularly to make sure the second it shows up on your doorstep, it’s ready to be put to use. This means you can buy used while maintaining peace of mind about your equipment. You can also enjoy these advantages:

  • You’ll save a huge amount of money when you buy used as opposed to purchasing brand-new equipment every time you find a gap in your collection.
  • You can look into several other used pieces of equipment within the same budget that you would have used on a single new product.
  • You can operate your equipment faster because, instead of waiting on backordered products or for a manufacturer to build your ordered model, the item is always built and ready. Every piece of equipment on our website is currently in our lot, ready to be shipped directly to you the second you place the order.

We pull from some of the best brands on the market to make sure you have access to the equipment you need, when you need it. Our used Polaris equipment is popular and goes fast, so it’s best to find and order what you need from our lot right away. Polaris has been in the market for more than 60 years designing and selling passenger and utility vehicles, and their wide variety of vehicle models gives you the chance to customize a buying decision based on your specific needs.

Polaris vehicles come with a number of attributes you might find useful. They have on- and off-road capabilities to give you maximum hauling capacity of both people and materials. You’ll be able to choose between gas, diesel and electric power as well as a number of other customizable options. Search our lot online for the exact Polaris equipment you need to get your work done. Check back regularly if you don’t find exactly what you need, too, since we constantly strive to expand our used equipment inventory.

Front-end attachment systems make your vehicle more useful for carrying and transporting materials for your work. You can transform a high-end, hard-working vehicle into whatever type of work equipment you need in the moment, including a forklift. You can lift large and small loads or even use the attachment to help with snow plowing and other useful everyday applications.

When you choose Chicago Industrial Equipment as your used Polaris dealer, you’ll be getting some of the best machinery on the market while paying the lowest possible prices.


Financing & Shipping

We know it can be difficult to come up with the money to pay for a high-end piece of equipment — even with less expensive used options. Instead of leaving you to figure out the finances yourself, we paired with Direct Capital to offer an array of financial options to lighten the purchasing burden.

Some of the benefits now available include instant approval for financing at or below $100,000, 12 to 60-month financing terms, one-day turnaround on your submitted applications, seasonal payments and deferments to go with your cash flow and flexible finance plans.

Because of our emphasis on quality products and customer service, most of our customers around the world are repeat customers. We deliver the products you order so you don’t have to stress about pickup and transportation. Some of our top-notch shipping advantages include:

  • Low prices: We ship large, heavy machinery to you at the most competitive rates on the market.
  • Speed: The control we have over our shipping process allows us to get the items to you quickly after the order is placed.
  • Safety: Owning our trucks allows us to ensure the safety of your items as they make their way to you.
  • Scope: Our shipments come from one lot, but they can reach you in any corner of the country.
  • Accuracy: No matter what address you give us, your order will arrive safely at that exact location.
  • Information: You can call us at (815) 744-8811 to get free estimates on how long an item will take to arrive and how much shipping will cost.


View Our Inventory

Whether you’re looking for used Polaris equipment for sale or other products from other brands, Chicago Industrial can make it happen fast at a low price. If you need a piece of used equipment that you can’t find in our inventory, contact us right away and we can update you if we ever add it to our stock. Our representatives will also answer any questions you have and we offer free quotes online.

Check out our inventory to find out about the huge number of choices available when you choose Chicago Industrial Equipment for your used equipment purchases.