7 Top Benefits of Industrial Boom Lifts

7 Top Benefits of Industrial Boom Lifts

Enhancing your service delivery and efficiency is vital for staying competitive. But how do you consistently enhance your operations, provide more services and improve your work quality?

Investing in advanced equipment like boom lifts is one way to achieve all of the above. Industrial boom lifts have versatile capabilities, offering flexibility on job sites and helping you adapt your applications for numerous projects.

What Is the Role of Boom Lifts in Industrial Applications?

Boom lifts are designed to raise personnel, tools and materials to elevated heights, making it easier for workers to perform different tasks. These lifts have impressive load capacities and reach capabilities. They are common in a variety of industries, including construction, warehousing, landscaping and agriculture.

The Technology Behind Boom Lifts

A boom lift has a platform or bucket attached to a long hydraulic arm. This arm sits on a large four-wheeled base. Boom lifts fall into one of two classifications:

  • Articulating: An articulating boom lift has a pivoting joint that moves the platform in various directions. This configuration makes it easy for personnel to maneuver over obstacles and navigate areas with space restrictions.
  • Telescopic: A telescopic boom lift does not have an articulating joint. Instead, it has a mast that solely extends outward and upward. While less ideal for tight, compact work sites, telescopic units often have higher vertical and horizontal reach abilities than articulating boom lifts.

Industrial boom lifts have numerous technical features, enabling efficient processes like lifting and moving loads and improving productivity. Various moving parts work together to ensure an efficient industrial boom lift.

Components that enhance boom lift productivity and performance can include:

  • Outriggers: Some units have outriggers — metal rods mounted to the corners of the lift. They provide additional stability to prevent the lift from tipping over.
  • Wheels: Wheels are vital for industrial boom lift performance. The front wheels attach to the steering axle and steer the lift when in motion. They help support the weight of the load being transported. Rear wheels attach to the driving axle, supplying the power to drive the boom lift. Boom lifts can have two- and four-wheel drive capabilities.
  • Jib: The jib extends the reach of the boom using a projecting arm attached to the platform. It can move vertically or horizontally to expand the lift’s range of motion, which is helpful when working in confined spaces.

What Are the Benefits of Using Industrial Boom Lifts?

Industrial boom lifts offer industries numerous benefits like improved productivity, reduced labor costs and enhanced safety.

1. Versatile Applications

Boom lift equipment has numerous capabilities, increasing the amount of applications you can execute. You can perform a wide range of tasks, from repairing buildings to maintaining power lines. Boom lifts reduce or eliminate limitations, helping you expand your clientele and business.

2. Convenient Setup

Starting a job on time is vital for meeting deadlines and budget requirements. Boom lifts are quick and convenient to set up, reducing the need for multiple laborers. With access to the right equipment, you can start projects according to schedule and complete them with minimal delays, helping reduce your job overheads.

Increased Efficiency

3. Increased Efficiency

Improving your service delivery can help satisfy and retain clients and improve your reputation. One way to improve your service quality is by increasing efficiency on your job site.

Boom lifts allow workers to complete building, installation and repair tasks with greater speed and efficiency. Faster operations mean you can get jobs done ahead of time and provide efficient services, satisfying your clients and improving your credibility.

4. Improved Flexibility

Projects have unique requirements. Some can require working on rough terrains, while others involve navigating narrow spaces or challenging weather. The good thing is that boom lifts come in various sizes and designs. That means you can get different boom lift types to fit your application.

If your job involves confined spaces or obstacles like trees, buildings or other equipment, an articulating boom lift is an excellent choice. If you have more room to work with but have higher reach requirements, you might consider a telescopic boom lift instead. It’s easy to find the right boom lift based on your project specifications and work site conditions.

5. Reduced Labor Costs

Another significant benefit of using boom lifts is lowering your labor costs. Manual tasks can require multiple workers to complete, especially heavy-duty material handling. You might need more workers for extensive projects, increasing human resources requirements and costs.

These costs can become unsustainable primarily when you have several projects lined up and limited capital. Boom lifts require minimal resources to operate and can reduce recruitment demands and help you save money.

6. Enhanced Material Handling

Material damages can cost you time and money. Workers manually lifting or maneuvering heavy cargo can increase the risk of dropping and damaging materials, increasing expenses and delays.

Boom lifts provide increased precision for handling, moving and lowering materials without damaging them. They can help you reduce human errors and overhead costs. Many boom lifts can comfortably handle several hundred pounds without compromising stability. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty lifting tasks, such as transporting large bundles of shingles up to a roof.

7. Improved Safety

Working in difficult conditions while doing physically demanding tasks can be challenging. Workers can become fatigued, increasing the chances of accidents. Strenuous tasks can also overexert worker’s bodies, causing minor and extensive injuries. Additionally, mishandling loads can cause safety hazards.

Using a boom lift to do heavy-duty tasks can prevent overexertion and reduce injuries. Skilled and professional lift handling can also limit hazards and accidents on site and provide a safer working environment. Boom lifts also eliminate the long installation times and instability hazards associated with traditional lifting methods, such as scaffolding and ladders.

What Projects Can You Complete With Industrial Boom Lifts?

Boom lifts offer numerous possibilities for completing construction, warehousing, farming and landscaping projects. Here are some standard industrial boom lift services and applications:

  • General construction tasks
  • Tree trimming
  • Roof installation and repair
  • Painting ceilings and walls
  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • Building bridges, skyscrapers and other tall structures
  • Window installation
  • Stock management in warehouses
  • Street light, power line and road sign repair

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Browse Industrial Boom Lifts From Chicago Industrial Equipment

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