New & Used UpRight Equipment For Sale in the Chicago Area & Beyond

New and Used UpRight Equipment for Sale

When the job calls for safe and efficient work at height, UpRight is a smart choice. Makers of proven elevated equipment such as scissor lifts, aerial lifts and boom lifts, UpRight gives the user logical controls, class-leading performance and ease-of-use.

At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we pride ourselves on our large selection of industry-leading brands and models and offer a range of new and reconditioned used lifts that provide great choice and value for your business.


Advantages of New Equipment

It’s important to invest in your business. Having the right equipment means you can work more quickly and efficiently and get more done. Trying to make do with the wrong equipment, or old and outdated lifts that are constantly breaking down, can cause real headaches and even present a safety risk.

Instead, give your employees and crews a top-quality new lift with all of the features and options they need to get the job done. You can pick the height, reach, platform size and power that’s best adapted to your use. All new UpRight equipment comes ready to work and with a manufacturer guarantee.


Advantages of Used Equipment

When you’re looking to stretch your capital investment dollars, choosing a used scissor lift, aerial lift or boom lift is a smart option. You can select from our inventory of top-quality UpRight lifts. Every piece of equipment we sell used has been inspected and serviced. In cases where reconditioning is possible, we make the repairs necessary to provide you with a dependable lift you can count on.

You can also compare different models in our used inventory and make your selection.


UpRight Equipment for Every Job

UpRight makes a variety of handy elevated work equipment. It’s always best to have the right tool for the job, especially when working at height. Trying to reach high shelves, racks and maintenance points is risky if you’re trying to do it from un unstable or inadequate platform.

We carry new and used UpRight lifts such as:

  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts combine height and storage flexibility better than any other lift. The small footprint and low closed height means it doesn’t take up significant space when not in use, and can be maneuvered into tight spaces. UpRight offers models with different maximum heights, so choose the model that reaches where you need it to.


  • Aerial lifts: Aerial lifts offer a stable work platform for all types of elevated jobs. Security railings and anchor points guarantee the safety of your operators, while the smooth and reliable elevation mechanisms mean your UpRight aerial lift is always ready to work when you need it. An aerial lift is particularly useful in a warehouse and anywhere else you need frequent access above ground level.


  • Boom lifts: Boom lifts give you the extended reach that other lifts can’t offer. When you don’t have access directly where you need it, such as close to a building, above an obstacle or when working around trees and power lines, a boom lift allows you to safely position yourself out of harm’s way and focus on the work you have to accomplish.


Financing Your UpRight Purchase

For all purchases of new and used UpRight lifts and equipment, we can offer you special financing rates. Take advantage of our secure, easy-to-use online system to apply for Direct Capital financing right now and get a free no-obligation quotation.

Don’t let a shortage of investment capital keep you from growing your business with the equipment you need.


We Ship Everywhere

At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we serve customers in and around Chicago, IL, as well as customers across the US and even around the world. You can focus on selecting the perfect new or used UpRight scissor lift, aerial lift or boom lift and we’ll take care of finding a fast and affordable shipper to get it to you, no matter where you are.


Check Out Our Inventory of UpRight Equipment

With so many advantages to buying new or used UpRight lifts from us here at Chicago Industrial, why not click on through our online inventory and find the model that suits your elevation needs? It only takes a minute to sort by make and equipment type and find the right scissor, aerial or boom lift for your application.

You can get a free quote by filling in our online form, or give us a call for more information at 815-744-8811. We look forward to hearing from you and supplying you with a top-quality new or used lift from UpRight.