Used Jungheinrich Equipment

Specific equipment can be crucial to complete your job — and sometimes, you need it on a budget. At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we sell used Jungheinrich equipment with high safety standards and functionality to make sure the options you need are available. Safety is a priority for us and any product we sell is designed to safely lift people and materials without damage. Every piece of equipment we sell goes through thorough inspection and servicing before it reaches any customers.


When you shop with Chicago Industrial Equipment, you’ll find that we invest in our facilities, work force and inventory. We aren’t a rental company with a secondary interest in selling used equipment and we aren’t brokers with little involvement in the inventory. We put 100 percent of our focus on reconditioning and selling safe, affordable, high-quality used equipment like aerial work platforms, telescopic material handlers and forklifts.

There’s a good chance you’ll become a repeat customer like so many others around the world.

With headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, Jungheinrich has been awarded a number of prestigious awards for their products and innovative design. Among these awards are the Red Dot Design Award, Best of Industry Award, Best Logistics Brand, iF DESIGN Award, DPDHL Supplier Award and IFOY Award.

Starting as a small company with fewer than ten employees, they now sell intralogistics products globally. The Jungheinrich brand is a top global supplier known internationally to place the utmost value on customer satisfaction and exceptional product design.


Used Jungheinrich Forklifts

Buying used equipment can be the right choice across several industries for a number of reasons. It helps to keep prices low and productivity high. Just a few of the top reasons many companies buy used are:

  • Equipment comes at a lower price so you can get top-of-the-line brands like Jungheinrich while avoiding investing in more expensive brand-new equipment.


  • You’ll be able to afford more than one piece of machinery if you buy used so you can expand your collection while still maintaining high quality.


  • We make sure each piece of equipment is inspected and serviced so that when it shows up, you can start working immediately.


  • Instead of dealing with wait times and items on backorder, you can purchase the equipment with the assurance that it’s ready to go. You will have it a lot faster than if you had to wait for it to be built.


At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we sell telehandler forklifts and straight mast industrial forklifts. When you buy used with us, you can choose from a number of models that best suit your business’s unique applications.

Jungheinrich forklifts come with a variety of attributes to make sure you can get the job done no matter the transport distance, materials or lift height. You’ll have a number of powerful options to choose from for the engine, controls, lifting capacity, lift heights and tire types, among other important forklift components.

Jungheinrich focuses on quality, durability, value and sustainability for every machine and component they manufacture. Companies around the world trust their brand. They expect the very best from their suppliers, and the close attention they pay to superior forklift design and lifespan makes their products ideal for buying used. If you’ve looked around and decided on a used Jungheinrich forklift for sale, Chicago Industrial Equipment is the next step to making it a reality.

If you find yourself browsing the Chicago Industrial stock of quality products after you read about all we have to offer, keep in mind that we are always looking for growth opportunities. We already offer an extensive collection of used equipment for sale, but there is always room for improvement and we constantly make additions so we’re always moving forward.

If you need a specific product and don’t find it for sale on our webpage, let us know right away and we’ll keep you updated when it hits our lot.


Financing and Shipping

Waiting for the equipment you need can mean losing valuable company time and profits. At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we collaborate with Direct Capital to offer a wide range of competitive financing options. Our customers have the following options when they shop for used Jungheinrich equipment at Chicago Industrial Equipment:

  • Instant financing: No financials required for financing up to $100,000


  • Quick turnaround: Application reviewed and returned within 24 hours


  • Lengthy financing terms: 12-60 month options


  • Deferred and seasonal payments: To conveniently pair with the cycle of your cash flow


  • Simple improvements: One-page document to add to your equipment or upgrade over time


  • Financial customization: Your specific payment needs met through flexible financial building programs


Once you place your order and decide on the best financing course, we will ship the machinery directly to you from our lot no matter where you are in the country. We take advantage of our location to offer rapid delivery and competitive shipping prices that lead the market. Nothing we sell makes its way to you until it has had thorough servicing and we ensure its safety.

No matter what specific products you purchase, each piece of machinery will pass a rigorous inspection before it leaves our shop and reaches you at your location.


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You need quality options fast. At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we let you choose for yourself. We carry a wide selection of affordable used machines for a variety of applications. We recondition, inspect and sell equipment from several reliable brands, and used Jungheinrich forklifts are at the top of that list. Our convenient financing and shipping options will ensure you get the equipment you need without stress over payments and pickup.

View our inventory for a complete list of our used jungheinrich forklifts and other used equipment for sale.


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