New & Used MEC Equipment for Sale in the Chicago Area & Beyond

New and Used MEC Equipment for Sale

Working at height is serious business. When you’re in an elevated position stocking shelves, picking materials or doing maintenance or installation work, you and your crews need a safe and sturdy platform. Depending on the task at hand, you also need fluid, steady movement and ergonomic controls.

For the best in scissor and boom lifts and work platforms, trust MEC Equipment. Designed for durability and ease-of-use, MEC lifts and platforms are suitable for a wide range of industrial uses. At Chicago Industrial, we carry many different models of new and used MEC equipment to offer you the best choice.


Advantages of New Equipment

There are many great advantages to purchasing a new MEC scissor lift, boom lift or work platform. You can select the exact model and feature mix you want for the types of elevated work you do. Not only do you get a spotless new piece of equipment, but you also get the most current features and performance.

If you make regular use of a lift or platform and want the latest and greatest on the market, one of our new MEC models is a smart choice. You can compare the safety and performance features right here on our site and choose the most suitable MEC lift.


Advantages of Used Equipment

If you’re on a limited budget and are looking for the best value possible for your investment dollars, choosing a used MEC scissor lift, boom lift or work platform makes a lot of sense. We have an inventory of used lifts that have been inspected and serviced and have many more years of reliable service in them.

For years, MEC has been building high-quality industrial equipment that offers excellent performance and durability, so if you want a value-packed lift or platform without spending a lot of money, consider checking out our used MEC equipment inventory.


MEC Equipment for Every Job

Every type of elevated work requires a lift or platform that’s adapted to the height, space and movement requirements unique to that job. Choosing the wrong lift can slow you down or even put you and your employees at risk of a fall. Avoid reaching and leaning due to an inadequate lift or the inability to position your platform properly.

MEC offers the following types of lifts and platforms for different jobs:

  • Scissor lifts: Extremely stable, scissor lifts offer maximum height in a minimal package. Closed, a scissor list is easy to store and maneuver into position in narrow spaces for the ultimate in workplace flexibility.


  • Boom lifts: Designed to get you up and over obstacles such as buildings, racks, trees and wires, boom lifts can be used inside and outside to gain access to hard-to-reach areas in a safe and ergonomic manner.


  • Work platforms: For the best combination of space, stability and reach for working at height, a MEC work platform is hard to beat. Designed for work efficiency and safety, they make a great addition to any fleet.


Financing Your MEC Purchase

Adding new, quality equipment like MEC scissor lifts, boom lifts and work platforms is important to keep your business growing. At the same time, spending all of your investment dollars on a lift means you can’t spend it elsewhere.

Consider taking advantage of our special financing rates offered through our partnership with Direct Capital. You can apply using our secure online system and get a free quotation for the financing of your new or used MEC equipment from Chicago Industrial.


We Ship Everywhere

For years, our team at Chicago Industrial has been serving the needs of customers in and around Chicago, IL. What you might not know is that we also have customers from across the country and in other parts of the world. We can arrange for fast, affordable shipment to just about anywhere on the planet, so let us know where you are and we’ll find the shipping solution for your new or used MEC lift or platform.


Check Out Our Inventory of MEC Equipment

Now it’s time to check out our online inventory of new and used MEC scissor lifts, boom lifts and work platforms. Click through our available models and compare the heights and features to choose the model that’s best suited to your business. Fill in our online form for a free quotation, or give our sales representatives a call at 815-744-8811.

Trust Chicago Industrial to help you find the perfect MEC lift or platform and get back to taking care of business.

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